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Marques Meshack

I am very grateful for having Dr. Margarit as a teacher.  If students had teachers like her, the world would be a better place.  Dr. Margarit allowed me to have a voice and that I truly honor and appreciate.  We need more educators like her, thank you!

Dayana Agreda

It is a great privilege to write about the most incredible academic experienceI’ve ever had. I’m thankful for having the opportunity to attend one of the most interesting courses, Sociology, taught by an extraordinary Professor.  It’s because of professors like Mrs. Val Margarit that we can change the world. I would take this chance to point out her unique abilities as a professor and leader.

Professor Margarit is knowledgeable, passionate and committed to empowering and helping others achieve their own dreams. I was always amazed how passionate and committed she is to empower her students to become agents of change and make a difference in the world.  She motivates and inspires her students to think BIG and to never give up on their dreams. She expects nothing but the best from her students because she believes in them.

Her hard-work and enthusiasm towards leading the class are really encouraging, and she inspired me to pursue my goals and become a leader.  This course opened my eyes about the importance of education, of understanding human relationships and institutions and equality but it was Prof. Val who made it interesting and fun.

Last, Professor Margarit’s excellent communication skills are second to none. She gave us hope that we too can one day become effective communicators with hard work, and persistence.   Because of her, I am not afraid anymore to speak up and share my thoughts and engage in conversations with others.

Thank you!

Franchesca Vega

Professor Margarit is a role model whose knowledge, habits, experiences and achievements inspire students and people everywhere to achieve and become their best.  She always spreads good energy and teaching us amazing things that we need to succeed in the real world.  I really appreciate and respect her and we need more enthusiastic, knowledgeable  and admirable people like Prof. Val Margarit to change the world.   Thank you!

Colleen Peters

“Professor Margarit demonstrates genuine care and interests in her students. She encouraged us to think like graduate students which in turn guided us to produce quality graduate work. Professor Margarit was not only pushing us to meet her high expectations, but to surpass our individual expectations of ourselves.

Let me not forget the most memorable experience:the one-on-one Skype session, which was priceless.  All of my questions and assumptions regarding course design, course work were answered,  and I had the opportunity to tell my stories, and she shared hers. It was liberating to know that my story of overcoming life challenges and experiences is not the only one; my professor shared the same sentiment with me, and that is real motivation to keep on trying, keep on overcoming and continuing to excel.

Professor Margarit’s unique ability is having a genuine care and interest in her students, thus, motivating and inspiring them to succeed, be it academically, professionally (career) or personally. I truly enjoyed her course and more significantly enjoyed the opportunity to develop a Professor – Student relationship that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Thank you Professor Margarit, and I wish you continued success!”

Colleen Peters
Victoria Williams

Professor Margarit- If it wasn’t for you, I probably would have given up. Your INSPIRATION is truly appreciated. This is my third time reading your email. You have so many good points. I never had a Professor like you, NEVER! I’m glad I had you in my corner to keep me going….THANK YOU!

Victoria Williams
Adrienne Grant
Dr. Margarit is the Best Instructor I have had thus far, and I am 2 classes away from obtaining my Master’s degree.   That not only speaks volumes about her as a Higher Education Professor, but also of her dedication, hard work and positivism.  Dr. Margarit has a way of pushing you when you are tired or think you can’t give any more and she does it with love and care.  She made my experience such a positive and fun one that I wish all instructors would take notes from her!
Dr.  Margarit, you have been such an Incredible Inspiration in my life and whenever I think of you my heart smiles ????

May God continue to bless you as you continue to touch lives all over the world!

Adrienne Grant
Fulton County Schools, Atlanta, GA