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Your Voice Matter - Use IT!

Dr. Val's energy will immediately engage the audience. With her dynamic personal style and deep insights into educational leadership, mindsets, and teaching excellence, Val inspires purpose and drive action in your organization. Participants will leave with a clear vision and a plan for success.


Val is an expert at motivating people to examine their old mindsets and beliefs with an emphasis on personal agency. She always ends her presentations with a call-to-action and inspires everyone to dream big, become accountable, and to take action. 


Presentation Topics:


Applied Focus: Why and How Awareness is Fundamental to High Performance and Well-Being 


Brain Filter: Unleashing Your Brain's Power for Unlimited Success


How to Be an Excellent Online Instructor: Teach for Success


Mindful Teaching and Leadership: Potential in Every Person 


Teaching with Purpose: Creating a Positive Climate for Student Success


How to Prepare for the Future of Work in 4 Easy Steps


Transformative Leadership in Education 


Mindfulness: The Myths, Realities, and Potential 


Time to Thrive: How to Build Your Dream Life  


Teaching by Design: Creating Environments for Student Success 


Leading Through Change: Turning Fear into Energy


Wired for Well-Being: Realign Beliefs, Increase Success and Boost Productivity in 7 Steps




Teaching by Design

Become the best professor and inspire and empower your students to achieve their full potential for a lifetime of success.

IMG_20180809_111557 2.jpg

Why Not YOU? 

You have the power within yourself to create your own destiny and achieve your dreams and goals. 


Teaching with Purpose

ALL students can learn but not in the same way and at the same time. High-quality teaching is imperative to students' success.


Transformational Education 

Education should prepare students

with the skills, knowledge and experience for a lifetime of success, health, and joy.


Value-Based Education

When we live in alignment with our values we will find purpose and meaning in life. 


Faculty Leadership Education 

Leaders set high expectations and environments for everyone to achieve their higher potential.   

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