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"After a year of coaching with Val, I've undergone a complete transformation in my attitude towards myself, my self-worth, my career, and my business. I've rediscovered the courage to embrace change and move forward, making choices that prioritize my own well-being instead of constantly putting others first. Val hasn't just guided me; she's empowered me to tap into my own knowledge and self-awareness, enabling me to navigate challenges and decisions with confidence. With her guidance, I've not only crafted a vision for my life and career for the next three years but also developed concrete plans to achieve it. Val isn't just a coach; she's become a great friend and invaluable advisor, offering support and insights that have truly been life-changing." 


Executive Coach and Advisor

Beautiful Nature

Transformative Testimonials 

Dr. Val's influence is unparalleled. Her passion, knowledge, and the ability to simplify complex ideas make her a phenomenal leader. Her commitment to diverse perspectives is commendable.

Val is a true inspiration.



I've had the privilege of knowing Val for several years, and her influence is undeniable. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to student success, makes her a remarkable leader. She is a tireless advocate for positive change.


Val's leadership is a game-changer. Her strategic thinking, detailed approach, and visionary insights benefit every project she tackles. She is known for her resourcefulness, responsiveness, and dedication to improvement.


She's amazing. Her dynamic leadership inspires all who work with her. Her deep knowledge, boundless energy, and passion for excellence set her apart as a remarkable leader. Her communication skills and open-mindedness are truly remarkable. I am so fortunate to have had her as my professor. 



Val's dedication to her role as Associate Academic Dean is exceptional. She encourages creativity, fosters collaboration, and consistently exceeds expectations. Her initiative and resourcefulness benefit the institution and its students.


Dr. Robin

Professor Val's teaching and leadership have been transformative. Her ability to inspire and instill self-belief in her students is unparalleled. Under her guidance, I have witnessed a significant boost in my confidence, and I now approach challenges with newfound confidence. 


Listen to this inspiring video testimonial after attending Dr. Val's powerful talk based on her book 'Why Not You.  Don't miss this empowering story.

"Mind blowing, she is electric, her attitude is the best I've ever seen..."

I had the privilege of being supervised by Dr. Margarit during my time as an adjunct professor for Western Civilization at DMAC, where she served as the department chair. Dr. Margarit is a confident, caring, and dedicated educational leader with a passion for student success. Her seminars are always engaging, and she would be a valuable asset to any college or university!


Dr. Vanessa

Val possesses a remarkable ability to engage and connect with others. Her extensive knowledge and experience as an educator and leader have already led to significant contributions to higher education. I am confident that Val's inclusion as part of a college or university's faculty will elevate their professional reputation.


 Dr. Paul Borthwick, Professor of Education, NSU

I had the privilege of working under Val's leadership as the President of our Condo Board of Directors. Val's strategic vision, attention to detail, and ability to bring people together have significantly improved our community's quality of life. Her commitment to the common good and unmatched determination make her an ideal choice for any organization seeking a dynamic and results-oriented leader.



Working with Val was a turning point in my life. Her mentorship instilled in me a sense of self-belief and confidence that I never knew I had. She provided me with the tools to overcome obstacles, embrace challenges, and achieve my goals with unwavering self-assurance. I highly recommend to check out her courses and teachings. 



The Goal Mastery course by Val was a life-changing experience. It guided me to discover my core values, set meaningful goals, and provided the tools to make them a reality. Through this course, I've unlocked my potential and now lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Val's expertise in this field is unmatched. 



Val was not just my high school teacher but also an inspirational figure who ignited my passion for education. Her unwavering belief in my potential and her guidance encouraged me to pursue a doctoral degree in the field. Now I am a first year graduate student. I am forever grateful for her early inspiration and continued support.



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