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How to Plan Your Best Year Ever & Achieve Your Big Goals

Every year millions of people set New Year’s resolutions - and many give up by mid-February.

So, how effective are New Year’s resolutions?

I did some research and here’s what I found - what do you think?

  1. 39% of adults set New Year’s resolutions every year

  2. 59% of young adults (18-34) have New Year’s resolutions

  3. 48% want to exercise more

  4. 23% quit in the first week

  5. 36% quit by mid-February

  6. 9% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions

Are you ready to learn how to plan your best year ever and achieve your most important goals in 2023?

Let's begin.

Your life is made up of ten areas that need attention simultaneously.

Let’s begin by visualizing where you want to be in 12 months.

What do you see?

Be honest.

Some of the things most people say are to be free of debt, physically fit, a great relationship, a happy family life, a fulfilling career, a hobby that feeds the mind and the heart. The great news is that you can have all of this.

Measuring your progress in each area of your life will allow you to see what you need to improve. To do this we will use the Wheel of Life - a powerful coaching tool that I use in my practice and that everyone loves. You may also use a simple word document or a journal. The Wheel may have eight or ten areas. It depends on what is important to you as each person is unique.

These are the most common interconnected areas of life. Please adjust the wheel to fit your own life and needs.

  1. Mental health

  2. Physical health

  3. Career

  4. Spirituality

  5. Intellectual life - Lifelong learning

  6. Partnerships - Romantic relationship

  7. Parental life

  8. Friendship

  9. Personal finance

  10. Hobbies - growth and development

  • Decide and name each area on the Wheel. Next, rank yourself in each area from zero to ten. This way you’ll be able to identify the areas in greatest need of improvement and consistently measure your progress. These areas are interconnected and therefore improvements in one area will most likely result in growth in others areas as well. For instance, when you’re mentally and physically healthy and fit you’ll also be confident and resilient, which will help you in your career, relationships and live a long and happy life. Then you'll set goals for each area that need your attention, which is what I teach in my Goal Setting live class - see below.

  • Mental blocks

Most of us carry old baggage, or mental blocks that prevent us from achieving our full potential. For example, false assumptions about ourselves and the world. Some of us were socialized to believe certain things that prevent us from making progress and becoming our best selves. Have you heard "I am not good at math", "I am not smart", "I am not pretty", "I am not a good cook"... I am not this or that...". These beliefs keep us from achieving excellence. So we need to change them and replace with "Yes I CAN do anything." We are capable of achieving great things - just have a look at the people who’ve done it, read their stories, do what they've done. The key here is do you believe you can do it.

  • Learn from your past but don't let it define you

Past experiences keep us from moving ahead. A bad experience can affect our confidence in future situations. One great example is the New Year’s resolutions goals that I mentioned earlier. Many people give up because they don’t believe they can do it or that they can learn the skills to manage and plan their goals.

  • Set challenging SMART goals

To set SMART goals and achieve them you need to align your goals with your values, dreams and desires. Your goals need to be meaningful to you. Goals need to be challenging enough to take you out of your comfort zone. The ten areas of your life will help you with the next goals you should set and achieve. Just be sure to complete the Wheel and manage each area with intention and purpose.

  • Keep in mind the WHY - why you’re doing it

To stick to your goals you need to be emotionally invested in them. Again, that’s why it’s imperative that your goals are meaningful to you. Begin with your WHY - why are the goals important to you. Why NOW? Write down a list of reasons for each goal and use it as motivation. For example, if your goal is to workout more and be consistent some of the reasons could be “ I am tired of being fat, or I want to prove to myself that I can do it, or exercise makes me feel confident and happy and productive. By the way, these are your reasons and they need to resonate with you not with other people. It’s your life so make it amazing - your mind is the only limitation.

Plan for success and you'll achieve success.

  • To experience the best year ever, you also need to have good allies

To design the best year and the best life one key fact is your environment and the people in it. This means finding people who can support your goals and motivate you to become your best self each day. You could join other groups with similar interests, get a coach, or take it upon yourself and put a support group together.

Conclusion: To have the perfect year, you need to take a holistic approach to improving yourself and manage your efforts equally over ten different areas of your life. The goals you set for yourself must be SMART so that you have the motivation to change and achieve them. Finding a strong support group is equally important as it is the beliefs, habits, and attitudes you use to see yourself and the world. You achieve what your mind conceives and believes.

Again, visualize yourself 12 months from now - who will you be and what will you need to do to BE that person?

Are you ready to plan your best 2023? Join me for this LIVE 2 - hours class next Tuesday and together we'll map out your vision and plan your big goals. Imagine spending your holidays with your family and friends and being excited about the new year goals - new you:). Seats are limited. Please learn more at the link below and sign up.

Let's Plan Your 2023 - The Best Year Ever

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Author: Dr. Val Margarit is a Transformational Coach helping people overcome barriers and achieve their next level of success.


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