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How to Design the Life You Deserve with the Wheel of Life

“The purpose of life is to know yourself, create yourself, experience yourself as Who You Really Are. There is no other reason to do anything.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Let me introduce you to one of the most powerful tools to designing an intentional life, a life you deserve to live: Welcome to "The Wheel of Life."

The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool that I use in my coaching practice to help people achieve balance and fulfillment in their lives. It is a powerful tool because it consists of all areas of focus that make up our life experiences.

I am passionate and committed to helping people achieve their full potential and enjoying life every day. Personally, I use the Wheel of Life tool to assess, adjust and plan goals and priorities in my life. It works and I want you to give it a try.

Wheel of Life Categories

Your wheel may have between eight and ten categories that are important to you for a balanced life. After all, you don't want to focus too much on work while neglecting your health, family and friends. So, let's have a look at the wheel's categories:

  1. Health - physical, mental, emotional health

  2. Family & Friends

  3. Significant Other

  4. Social - group activities and spiritual communities

  5. Financial - ability to manage your finances effectively

  6. Career - Your job or career

  7. Personal growth and development

  8. Spiritual - your beliefs or higher power

  9. Environment - health, home, work

  10. Wellness - there are different categories for this: Sleep, Resilience, Environment, Movement, Spirituality/meditation, Nutrition

You could change your wheel categories to represent your life today. Examples of changes are:

  • Health: The category name could be changed to "Emotional", "Physical", "Fitness", "Spiritual" or "Wellbeing".

  • Family and Friends: Split "Family and Friends" into separate categories.

  • Significant Other: Changing the category name to "Dating", "Relationship" or "Life Partner".

  • Career: Changing the category name to "Motherhood", "Work", "Business" or "Volunteering".

  • Finances: Changing the category name to "Money", "Financial Security" or "Financial Wellbeing".

  • Home Environment: The category could split or change to "Work Environment" for career or business clients.

  • Fun & Leisure: The category name could change to "Recreation"

  • Personal Growth: The category name could change to "Learning", "Self-Development" or "Spiritual"

  • Other categories to add could include Service, Leadership, Achievement, Confidence, Attitude, Habits.

These are the most popular categories that most people share. Each category may have its own wheel. For instance, you could have a Wheel of Business to assess and plan your business or career development, set goals and priorities. Likewise, you could have a Wheel of Wellness and so on. It depends on your needs, which is why is importnat to know what they are.

How to select your wheel of life categories.

“Life, too, is senseless unless you know who you are, what you want, and which way the wind blows.” ~ Ellen Raskin

Each Wheel is unique to you as each person is unique. However, there are certain areas that we all tend to focus on and neglect others. To ensure we have balance and fulfillment in our lives we need to address all areas that make up our life.

Assess your current level of fulfillment

If we were to work together (or on your own) we would follow these steps:

  1. Take a moment and think about what success or satisfaction would feel like for each area of your life. Go on, close your eyes and visualize success in each category of your wheel. Hoe does it feel?

  2. Now identify the major categories for your Wheel of Life. Use the list above to start. You may want to think about your values and why they are important to you. For instance if health is importnat to you then you'd want to take action if you're not fully satisfied.

  3. Now rank your level of satisfaction with each area of your life by drawing a line across each segment. Place a value between 1(very dissatisfied) and 10 (fully satisfied) against each area to show how satisfied you are currently with each category of your life.

  4. The new perimeter of the circle represents your Wheel of Life. What do you think? Do you like what you see?

  5. Now, looking at the wheel here are some great questions to ask yourself to take the exercise deeper:

    • Are there any surprises for you?

    • How do you feel about your life as you look at your Wheel? Again, visualize yourself being a 10 in each area. How does it feel?

    • How do you currently spend time in these areas?

    • Which of these categories would you most like to improve?

    • How could you make space/time for these changes in your life?

    • What help and support might you need from others to make changes and be more satisfied with your life?

    • What change should you make first? And what change do you want to make first?

    • If there was one key action you could take that would begin to bring everything into balance, what would it be? Let's implement a plan of action and design the life you are meant to live.

Now is time to take action because without it nothing happenes. Together we will determine the category you want to work on, then we plan two or three SMART goals, and an action plan you can take to make improvements in that area.

What do you think? Pretty amazing, right?

If you found areas that you are not totally satisfied in and would like to discuss coaching please get in touch. If you need help with assessing the wheel please get in touch. There is no reason why you should not invest in yourself so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

“It is not where you start but how high you aim that matters for success.” ~ Nelson Mandela


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Wishing you well,

Val Margarit


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