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54 Lessons 2022 Taught Me

Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope you’re healthy, happy and in high spirit as we settle for a new amazing 2023!

I trust you’ve taken the needed time to renew, rethink and replan.

2022 was a challenging year for many of us. Personally, it was a year of many challenges and many opportunities. As I always say in life there are only opportunities as every "failure' teaches us different ways to live, think, work and love.

So I'd like to share the lessons I learned in 2022 and hopefully they will inspire you to reflect on your own:

  1. Change is the perfect time to reevaluate one's mission and purpose and focus on building courage, fearlessness, and service to many. Intentional change is better but any change is just as good. #changeisinevitable

  2. A toxic environment of any kind (working, personal...) can destroy good people. #youdeservebetter

  3. You can tell a bully from a leader by the way they treat their people. #speakupormoveon

  4. Every person can teach us a lesson no matter their background or education level. #respectall

  5. Being kind is not being weak. #bekind

  6. Learning is not a place, it is an activity. #lovetolearnandwin

  7. Getting healthy and fit is the one habit that supports and lifts every other habit. #healthiswealth

  8. Fasting increases my energy exponentially, keeps my focus clear, and saves on my grocery bills. ( I do like desserts) #IF

  9. Training and running two marathons during the pandemic helped me overcome challenges and elevated my skillset and my passion for life 1000x. #aligned #passion

  10. My goals and dreams are aligned with who I am. #walkthetalk #leadbyexample

  11. Other people’s opinions about you are none of your business. #focusonyourgoals

  12. Taking long walks while listening to audiobooks every single day is a treat in a world that's lacking attention and focus. Easier said than done but worth trying. #lovebooks

  13. Despite hardship working hard and being resilient are necessary to making progress. #Inevergiveup

  14. We come alive when we travel and meet new people and cultures. #travelmore

  15. People have never been so interested in personal growth as they are now. #healthiswealth #unlimitedpotential #livebydesign

  16. Every person is beautiful and unique and offers a unique skill to the world. #everyonematters

  17. Just because some people can be mean doesn’t mean you should ever be mean. Ignore them and stay focus on your vision and goals. #moveon

  18. Meditating every day is a game changer. #mindfulness

  19. Forgiveness is necessary to heal and move on. #dontkeepgrudges

  20. Clear, intentional, mindful communication is imperative to live in harmony. #talkthatmatter

  21. Having that special someone who gets you, encourages you and truly loves you for who you are is a blessing. #begrateful

  22. People come into our lives to teach us something before they move on. #thankyou

  23. Confidence, resilience and tolerance are skills we can learn to use every day. #learnanewskill

  24. We can change, become, and achieve what we want. #unstoppable

  25. Resting and sleeping well is critical to a good, healthy life. #routine

  26. Digital media is an amazing and a dangerous tool. #bemindful

  27. Silence, solitude, and stillness early every morning is one of the finest elite performance rituals.#mindfulnessmeditation

  28. Joy, peace, health, and freedom is 1000x more valuable than fame, fortune, and "likes".

  29. Reading the news must be done in careful moderation. #bemindful

  30. Doing the hardest thing first is the best thing to do. #MIT (most important thing/task)

  31. Although I plan to live to 152 years young, life is unpredictable so I must review and upgrade my passion for life even more. After all, what's the point of living longer if we don't continuously change, adapt, learn and be useful? #learneverdy

  32. I need very few things to lead a beautiful life. #focusonmeaning

  33. The things I have don’t define who I am. #Iamgrateful

  34. People close to us impacts who we become and the choices we make. #beaware

  35. Meaningful conversations are necessary. Skip the small talk whenever appropriate. #bigtalk

  36. My habit of rising at 5AM has made all the difference. #earlyriser5am

  37. I’m happiest when I give back and I’m helping. #helpothers

  38. Life is too short to play small with our talent. We are capable for big things. #playbig

  39. We must pursue self-love taking care of our needs before we can serve others. #selflove

  40. A few great friends are always better than a million social media followers.

  41. Karma is real. #begooddobetter

  42. I am resilient and always bounce back stronger and committed to my purpose. #walkthetalk #leadbyexample

  43. No one can make you feel bad unless you give your power away. #youareempowered

  44. Fresh coffee each morning while writing in a journal is an excellent habit. #lovecoffee

  45. Ginger tea, lemon and honey in the evening while reflecting on the day is a great habit. #journaling

  46. The true reward for great work and persistence isn’t public appreciation but who you became in the process. It’s always the journey. You are accountable to yourself. #followtheprocess

  47. You can’t inspire others until you’ve inspired yourself. #beinspired

  48. If people make fun of your big ideas and dreams, it’s likely a great idea. Don't listen to them. You are in the wrong crowd. Move on. #thingbig

  49. As one becomes more successful one must become humbler as nothing fails like success. #humble

  50. Music is a part of life and enjoying each day. Turn on the music and dance like no one cares. #lovetodance

  51. Every problem is an opportunity to grow and become who you're supposed to be. #grow

  52. People will give you their best when they feel appreciated and included. #listen

  53. The world, life, and people are unpredictable. Cultivating the skills we need to thrive and manage uncertainty are essential to a good, healthy, and meaningful life. #youdeserveit

  54. There is enough time for what really matters. #Prioritize #goals #planyourlife

I hope my lessons inspired you to reflect on your year/life and plan what you wish to happen this year. We know that nothing happens unless we do the work and have a plan in place.

CTA:Which lesson resonates with you? Please share your thoughts in the comments

Please share it with your friends if you found it helpful.

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Vanessa Coburn
Vanessa Coburn
Jan 06, 2023

You never seize to amaze me! I can actually hear your voice as I was reading each of your lessons. You can write a book with all this experience! Meaningful conversations are so necessary and instrumental in personal change. By being vulnerable I am strong. Thanks for inspiring me to continue growing and pushing myself to be better. I‘m happiest when helping! Printing this masterpiece and focusing in one daily!

Dr. Val Margarit ❤️
Dr. Val Margarit ❤️
Jan 07, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Vanessa, for your kind words and how did you read my mind? Indeed, a book is in the works as we speak😊 I love your suggestion to print "my masterpiece" and focus on one daily- brilliant. Thanks and let's inspire ourselves so we can inspire others. ♥️


Unknown member
Jan 06, 2023

Love this list!

Dr. Val Margarit ❤️
Dr. Val Margarit ❤️
Jan 07, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Faith 🙏

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