Val Margarit is an award-winning educational leader, speaker, and the author of Why Not You? How to Become an Empowered Woman and The Successful Student Mindset.  She is an advocate for holistic education, equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion.  A transformational educator, Val’s vision is to empower people to believe in and to take action toward a better life that has meaning, intention, and purpose.  To dream big, take chances, and to be fearless in pursuing full potential. She became a transformational educator to help others as she believes every person can achieve their boldest dreams and full potential.  After all, she believes that "achieving one’s full potential has less to do with genetics and IQ and everything to do with opportunity, high-quality education, and how one thinks about and lives their life - habits, self-discipline, resilience, hard work, and mindsets." Val lives in South Florida, and lectures about education, teacher preparation, leadership, and society.  Val facilitates workshops on personal growth and leadership and speaks on topics about academic and professional success. 



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"Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently."

- Maya Angelou

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  • Ed.D. Education - Higher Education Leadership - Nova Southeastern University 

  • Ed.S. Education Specialist - Nova Southeastern University 

  • M.A. Sociology - Sociology - University of Central Florida

  • B.A. Sociology  - Sociology, minor Political Science - University of Central Florida 



Scholarly Expertise


My research and expertise is primarily in student persistence to graduation and teacher education.  As such, the following are some topics that I can speak about ( as well as facilitate workshops on):


  • Student Success: First-gen students persistence to graduation

  • Teacher Success: Transformative teaching & learning

  • Teacher Quality: Teacher preparation and training 


Selected Publications


Margarit, V., & Kennedy, J. (2019). Students’ Variables Predicting Timely Graduation at a Community College.  Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 19 (6), 2019