Curriculum Vitae




  • Ed.D. Doctor of Education - Higher Education Leadership - Nova Southeastern University, FL, USA

  • Ed.S. Education Specialist - Nova Southeastern University, FL, USA 

  • M.A. Applied Sociology -  University of Central Florida, FL, USA

  • B.A. Sociology- Political Science - University of Central Florida, FL, USA 

  • A.A. Sociology - Miami Dade College, FL, USA   




  • Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Workplace Diversity

  • Education Leadership

  • Social Sciences Teaching Certification


Lifelong Learning 


  • Mindfulness Meditation 

  • Neuroscience- Neuroplasticity 



Selected Publication


Margarit, V., & Kennedy, J. (2019). Students’ Variables Predicting Timely Graduation at a Community College.  Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 19 (6), 2019