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Transform Your Life With Small Challenges

Live life as an experiment

You’re ready for a challenge but are hesitant because it may not turn out the way you expected.

So what?

Who cares?

I know it’s not easy. But there is a way – reframe your mind and look at it as an experiment.When you do you’ll be more likely to take risks and learn from failures. In fact, failure and only information that will help you to adjust and change behavior so you can do something else better.

Convinced? I believe you deserve and are capable to be happier, healthier, fulfilled, and successful.

Why Not You?

We have the ability to change, which is the first main requirement for achieving a goal.We cannot achieve different results if we’re doing the same thing every day.To improve your life even a 2% a day to start, you’ll need to do something different each day toward that set goal. Then you’ll set a 4% goal, a 10%  goal and increase each week.

Experiment every day. Make sense, right?

Self check: Can you imagine yourself in a month, a year, five years or ten years?
Yes, close your eyes and imagine “YOU” in the near and far distant future?
What do you see? Who will you be? Draw that person in your mind or on a paper and look at it every day.

Let me tell you from experience – you’ll become a better person in every way. It will be awesome. How do I know?I live and work by design and teach others how to do it too  – that is, with intention, purpose and meaning. I am mindful and intentional about how I spend my time and with whom, my thoughts, feelings, actions, the people I meet, and the impact of my words and my work. I visualize, plan, design, execute, measure and adjust my goal strategy. I believe that every day is better than the last. I am my competition, which is another way of saying that I improve every day. I don’t compare with anyone but myself. Every day is a new beginning to a better self, a better life, a better world. Every day I take risks so I can learn and grow.And, to help me become my best self I work on my relationship with “my BRAIN” each day.

Yes, thanks to #neuroplasticity we know that the brain changes throughout your lifetime.

“We” work together very well most of the time. I am not always successful but I don’t take no for an answer and I am persistent.I live my life as an experiment so there is no loss. Just taking a risk is a win.I simply don’t give up. That’s too easy. That’s what most people do.Not me. Not my students. Not YOU.I believe YOU CAN do better.I believe in human potential.

No excuses.

Persistence, hard work, focus, self-efficacy, mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking are a few skills I’ve developed through years of working hard trying different challenges and taking risks. It will happen to you too.

Again, live life as an experiment and you’ll never be bored again.

I challenge myself each day and work on areas of improvement. It’s the only way to live your life as an experiment and make the best of each day. Here are some of the challenges I’ve done and many of them are part of my lifestyle:

Wake up early

Write a book

Workout every day

Run a marathon

Plank every day

Reprogram my brain

Speak at a conference



Train for a spartan race



Read every day

Speak in public

Intermittent Fasting

Post videos

Give up meat


Say NO

Meet a new person every day

Smile at people on the street


And so many more….

Let me tell you – It’s an amazing feeling when you reflect on your progress and see how far you’ve come. I am sure you can think of a time when you accomplished something worthwhile. How did it feel?Amazing, right? I understand.But then life happens and we derailed a bit from our life plan. And that’s ok unless we stay there.

We have a choice. We are our choices.

Here we are. Today is the day to commit to a life worth living.

It’s never too late to change, to learn and to grow.

You just need to start.  And you need likeminded people who will support you along the way.

Are you ready?

Pick ONE (or 2) challenge a month from the list below.  Feel free to come up with your own if you wish. The point is to no longer accept the way things are…and to believe that you deserve better.If you wish we can do it together.

Val Margarit’s 30 Days Challenge, May, 2019

Get up every morning (earlier than your usual time) before 5am/6am/7amand exercise (walk/run…) for 30/60/90 minutes

I WILL get up before 5 am

Record and post progress (use an app like runkeeper, strava or Nike)

Here is a list of 30-days challenges for you.

Pick one or several every month and record your progress.

Go ahead now and enter it on your calendar (May – Dec).

Get up every morning before your usual time 5am/6am/7am and exercise - Done

Exercise every day for 30/60/90 minutes - Done

Go to bed every night before 9pm/10pm/11pm -Done

Meditate for 5/10/15/20 minutes per day - Done

Weights training - Done

Intermittent fasting every day - Done

Go for a run every day - Done

Give up meat - Done

Become vegetarian - Done

Meatless Tuesday

Read about nutrition

Say hello to a stranger every day

Compliment a stranger every day

Send someone a thank you card/message every day

Publish a blog post every day

No gossip – only productive thoughts

Talk less and listen more

Seek to understand first – don’t interrupt

Plan out your next day the night before

Join Toastmasters -

Keep a journal every day

Drink a big glass of water first thing every morning

Spend at least 10 minutes learning a foreign language every day

Write down three things you’re grateful for every day

Eat breakfast/lunch/dinner with no distractions every day (mindfully)

Spend at least 30 minutes reading for pleasure every day

Take a cold shower every day

Put on some music and dance for a few minutes every day

No coffee/caffeine

No bread

No sugar

No soda

Cook all your own meals

No Facebook/Twitter/social media

No complaining

Reading (use an app to keep track)

Do one selfless thing to help somebody every day (this is a fun one! Also, karma points!)

Decluttering your home for 15 minutes every day

Go vegetarian/vegan

Go for a walk every day

Cook a new recipe every day

No television (yes, that includes Netflix)

No alcohol

Exercise every day

Learn something new every day



Learn to play an instrument

Say yes often

Learn history

Learn a new language (Duolingo is a great app for that)

Read a new blog on a new topic every day

Be positive, it’s all perspective

Learn to dance

Make a budget and stick with it for 30 days

Prep your meals for 30 days

Take an online course every day (Udemy, Youtube and Coursera are free)

Work up to 10.000 steps per day (Download an app to keep track)

Answer people’s questions on Quora

Sign up and train to run a 5K/10K/half marathon/full marathon

Start your own podcast

Watch a documentary every day or a ted talk

Spend quality time with your kids or friends/family every day

Read something about investing every day (and actually start investing)

Eat something you’ve never tried before every day

Do something for your community every day


Try to produce as little waste as possible for 30 days

Take at least an hour of “me time” every day

Write down one goal for yourself every day

Begin your day by making a prioritized list the night before

Read every day

Design a 5/10/20/30 years life plan

Live life as an experiment
Ready to change your life and become your best self?


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