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Adult Education Course
Image by Amy Hirschi
Image by Amy Hirschi

Many of us desire to live more fulfilling lives. In working together, the opportunity to learn to overcome limiting beliefs will present itself.   Learn More.

Through leadership coaching and events, you will see how you can live and work differently. This is key to professional and personal satisfaction. Together, we'll make your vision, your reality. Learn More

Adult Education Course
Image by Avel Chuklanov

I am ready to speak at events designed to meet the needs of groups, businesses, and educational institutions.

Learn More

Lifelong learning is mandatory in our fast-changing world. Learn new perspectives, and become confident in achieving your higher potential. Learn More 

Words of Recognition

Professor Margarit- If it wasn't for you, I've probably would have given up this semester. Your INSPIRATION is truly appreciated. I never had a Professor like you, NEVER. I am grateful  I had you in my corner to keep me going...THANK YOU☺


I want you to know that your class was one of the most interesting and informative I've had. Your ability to integrate real-life applications into the concepts of the text is amazing! It made the class not only more enjoyable but also applicable to what we should be aware of in real-life settings such as the hospital. You are a true professional and have my utmost respect! I am honored to have been in one of your classes!You are a valuable asset to any institution of higher learning


I am very grateful for having Dr. Margarit this semester. We need more educators like yourself. If students had teachers like you, the world would be a better place.  You allowed me to have a voice and that I truly honor and appreciate...



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