Val Margarit is an award-winning educational leader, speaker, and the author of Why Not You? How to Become an Empowered Woman and The Successful Student Mindset.  She is an advocate for holistic education, equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion.  A transformational educator, Val’s vision is to empower people to believe in and to take action toward a better life that has meaning, intention, and purpose.  To dream big, take chances, and to be fearless in pursuing full potential. She became a transformational educator to help others as she believes every person can achieve their boldest dreams and full potential.  After all, she believes that "achieving one’s full potential has less to do with genetics and IQ and everything to do with opportunity, high-quality education, and how one thinks about and lives their life - habits, self-discipline, resilience, hard work, and mindsets." Val lives in South Florida, and lectures about education, teacher preparation, leadership, and society.  Val facilitates workshops on personal growth and leadership and speaks on topics about academic and professional success. 



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Imagine getting up every morning excited to start your day, doing work that matters and being recognized for it, keeping your body and mind/brain healthy and strong, pursuing your hobbies, and spending time with the people you love. 


It is possible? YES.  The answer is to live your life in alignment with your values, which will give you purpose and meaning. To stop listening to what others tell you what "you should do", measuring your self-worth based on what they say or listening to that negative voice that pops up on our head from time to time.  


No, you won't waste your time anymore. You were born to feel empowered and alive and now you're ready to take control over your own decisions and life. Time goes by quickly and you deserve to enjoy every moment of it. 


Here is the place. You've found the right place. 


I will help you discover your true self, desires, and strengths. I will teach you how to overcome your negative beliefs, and create a life that's meaningful and satisfying. I will teach you how to become confident, speak with conviction, and be proud of who you are. I will teach you how to own your values, find your purpose and design your life aligned with your values, which will create meaning and love. Working together will transform your life to levels you don't yet know. 


You need help if you have on or more of these questions: 


  1. Who am I? How do I find my core values?

  2. How do I find my purpose? Finding your purpose means being in alignment with your values. 

  3. How do I decide on my major or career? Coaching is helping you to discover your deeper strengths and talents to advance your career in doing something that you have always wanted to do. Achieving goals is infinitely easier to do when you thrive in your mission.

  4. How do I improve my health and fitness? The focus will be on improving areas of your wellbeing. There could be underlying emotional issues that are the culprits preventing you from achieving your health and fitness goals. 

  5. How do I make more money? There might be the bias of key influencers that you grew up with, that are holding you back on the subconscious level. Reframing any limiting perceptions of abundance plays a huge factor in perceiving the definition of wealth.

  6. How do I learn to communicate better? Public speaking is the number one fear people have and as a result, it prevents them from pursuing big goals and dreams. Overcome this fear with coaching.

  7. How do I change my physical environment? We are influenced and affected by our environment and making appropriate changes could be the solution to achieving happiness and balance in your life. 

  8. How do I become motivated and develop resilience and self-control?


What is preventing you from making the changes necessary to get what you want out of life? What if you could solve a big problem that is preventing you from achieving your goals, what would be next for you? If you identified with any of the questions above, it’s time for you to get help. 


My Specific Coaching Areas:


  1. Academic Success - Complete college fast and save time and money 

  2. Teacher training & coaching - become a rockstar teacher and inspire your students 

  3. Study Skills - Study smart not hard

  4. Goal Setting and Achievement - SMART goals 

  5. Effective Communication - Public Speaking is the top skill we need to achieve our full potential

  6. Wellness: Healthy mind/brain, Health body: Diets do not work. A healthy lifestyle does

  7. Career Change - we change at least 10 jobs during our lifetime

  8. Interview Preparation - Ace the interview and get the job of your dreams

  9. Performance Habits - Learn the habits successful people use to achieve fast results 

  10. Self-Discipline - Get control back and be in charge of yourself

  11. Time Management - Focus on and protect your time 

  12. Women Empowerment: Confidence & Self-Esteem

  13. Values Assessment - Pursue what matters to you

  14. Life Design - Live with intention, purpose, and meaning. 



Are you ready?