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Education transforms lives.  I am passionate about creating a positive learning environment where students drive their own learning achievements. I am also passionate about sharing my vision and inspiring others to join me in implementing educational change. 

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My Most Requested Topics

  1. How to Find Your Passion and Purpose. Val's story of sacrifice, persistence, resilience, and focus will show you what's really possible. Success starts with deciding what matters to you. Be your own CEO - How to think like an entrepreneur and harness the very real success of that mindset. 

  2. Retrain The Brain For Success in 7 Powerful Steps. We are programmed since birth and then through the education system and onward to think, believe and behave in certain ways. If it's not helping you achieve what you want then it is time you change "the programs". Val will show you how in 7 easy but powerful ways.  

  3. The Simple 5 Rules of Life That Will Transform How You Think, Live, Work, and Love. No one should live another day without enjoying who they are, what they do, why they do it and with where and with whom they are spending their time, energy and resources. 

  4. Becoming the CEO of YOU – In this talk, Val brings the audience to understand that we are all entrepreneurs. Even those who work for large companies each operate as a single company inside the larger. The result of this training has turned around people, groups, divisions, and in some cases entire companies as they start to understand that the customers they serve and how each person adds value to their organization.



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