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Students Testimonials

Professor Margarit- If it wasn't for you, I've probably would have given up this semester.

Your INSPIRATION is truly appreciated. I never had a Professor like you, NEVER!  

 I am grateful  I had you in my corner to keep me going...THANK YOU☺

Victoria Williams- Online Student, Strayer University.

Faculty Testimonials 

I’m very pleased to recommend Dr. Val Margarit. Val's training and workshops are unique. I’ve worked with her for the past two years and I've taken many of her seminars. Dr. Val's skills and leadership qualities would make her an invaluable addition to any university as a professor of education leadership position. Dr. Val is a highly valued professor to the university, and she has excellent communication skills, self-confidence, hard work, initiative, loyalty, dedication, proactively helpful, and a truly gifted educator. On a personal level, she’s charismatic and well-spoken, both qualities that have served her as an amazing empowered woman and a writer. In addition to her professional qualifications, Dr. Val has qualities that make her well-suited for leadership positions. She’s naturally fallen into the role of “point person” that many of us go to with questions. She’s not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore. She’s committed to quality, growth, and progress, and she inspires her colleagues to strive for the same. Dr. Val is a person with vision and amazing motivation skills.

Jakelin Miranda

Director of Student Services, Keiser University 

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