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I am Val

Chances are, you've crossed paths with me through one of my classes, videos, articles, coaching, or perhaps you're read my book. Whether you were referred by someone you trust or stumbled upon my content online, I'm genuinely thrilled to welcome you here. This platform is brimming with invaluable resources and transformative ideas that have the potential to revolutionize your life (seriously!). Let me guide you through this space so you can easily discover what you're seeking and embark on a journey toward meaningful change together.

I strongly believe in the collective power of "we" to inspire, thrive and flourish!

Unlock Your Potential: Partner with Me for Personalized Success

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Step into your best self with Dr. Val's transformative coaching. Unlock your potential, break through barriers, and create the life you've always dreamed of. Gain clarity, confidence, and direction with personalized guidance and support. It's time to thrive, not just survive. 


Dr. Val combines educational expertise with creativity and technology to create engaging and effective learning experiences. Her courses captivate and educate people to pursue their full potential and achieve freedom to do what they want and make a difference. 



Dr. Val is a dynamic and engaging speaker, captivating audiences with her expertise in personal and professional excellence, education leadership, personal growth. Her powerful communication style leaves a lasting impact and inspiring positive change.

I don't brag but my students do...

Dr. Val's influence is unparalleled. Her passion, knowledge, and the ability to simplify complex ideas make her a phenomenal leader. Her commitment to diverse perspectives is commendable.

Val is a true inspiration.



I've had the privilege of knowing Val for several years, and her influence is undeniable. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to student success, makes her a remarkable leader. She is a tireless advocate for positive change.


Val's leadership is a game-changer. Her strategic thinking, detailed approach, and visionary insights benefit every project she tackles. She is known for her resourcefulness, responsiveness, and dedication to improvement.


Unlock Your Potential with The Sunday Letter


Be Supported and Inspired on Your Path to Success


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