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Val Margarit: Author, Speaker, and Global Educator

Val's journey began 20 years ago when she decided to leave her family and friends behind and move across the globe on her own in search of "the American Dream."  It hasn't been easy, but nothing worth pursuing is easy as Val says.   Her purpose in life is to empower people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.   "If she could do it anyone can."

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What They Say About Val Margarit

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Dayana Agreda

It is a great privilege to write about the most incredible academic experienceI’ve ever had with Professor Val Margarit. She is passionate and committed to empowering people to think BIG and to never give up on their dreams. She expects nothing but the best from her students because she believes in them. Professor Margarit's excellent communication skills are second to none. She gave us hope that we too can one day become effective communicators with hard work, and persistence. Because of her, I am not afraid anymore to speak up and share my thoughts and engage in conversations with others.

Colleen Peters

Professor Margarit demonstrates genuine care and interests in her students. She encouraged us to think like graduate students which in turn guided us to produce quality graduate work. Professor Margarit was not only pushing us to meet her high expectations but to surpass our individual expectations of ourselves.

Franchesca Vega

Professor Margarit is a role model whose knowledge, habits, experiences, and achievements inspire students and people everywhere to achieve and become their best. She always spreads good energy and teaching us amazing things that we need to succeed in the real world. I really appreciate and respect her and we need more enthusiastic, knowledgeable and admirable people like Prof. Val Margarit to change the world. Thank you!

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Inspirational -   Engaging -  Charismatic - Passionate - Thoughtful 

Val is frequently described as energetic, fun, inspiring and engaging speaker. Her ability to convey complex concepts and make them simple and accessible makes her approachable and easy to understand. She empowers people of all ages and walks of life to overcome any self-limiting beliefs, dream BIG and set realistic goals to achieve personal and professional success.   Whether a seminar, breakout, keynote, Val can customize sessions to fit your audience.  

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You can't control events or people but you CAN always control your response to them. 

Find the courage to change your beliefs when they no longer serve your purpose.

When you accept yourself just as you are, then you can change.  



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