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Successful educational leaders are lifelong learners. They make personal growth and development a priority and inspire their teams to do the same.


People Share Their Success 

Victoria Williams

Professor Margarit- If it wasn't for you, I've probably would have given up this semester. Your INSPIRATION is truly appreciated. I never had a Professor like you, NEVER. I am grateful  I had you in my corner to keep me going...THANK YOU☺

John Eisner

“I want you to know that your class was one of the most interesting and informative I've had. Your ability to integrate real-life applications into the concepts of the text is amazing! It made the class not only more enjoyable but also applicable to what we should be aware of in real-life settings such as the hospital. You are a true professional and have my utmost respect! I am honored to have been in one of your classes!You are a valuable asset to any institution of higher learning”

Dayana Agreda

I am very grateful for having Dr. Margarit this semester. We need more educators like yourself. If students had teachers like you, the world would be a better place.  You allowed me to have a voice and that I truly honor and appreciate...

"Achieving one’s full potential has less to do with genetics and IQs and everything to do with mindset and mindshift."




Dr. Val Margarit is an educational leader, sociology instructor, faculty trainer, coach, speaker, and author.  Her work focuses on the complex relationship between neuroscience/neuroplasticity, education, and social behavior. She has won numerous teaching awards, including Teacher of the Year, and the Free to Choose Excellence in Education award. She created a massive open online course The Complete GuideAchieving Success in College and Beyond and she has been serving in diverse education capacities for over 10 years. Her books include the best-selling “Why Not You? How to Become an Empowered Woman and The Successful Student Mindset



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