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These are some of the courses I taught and developed over the years.


Higher Education 


Adult Learning and Development

Issues and Innovation and Higher Education

Teaching in Higher Education

Educational Policy and Administration

Foundations of Education



Sociology Courses


Introduction to Sociology

Social Problems

Solutions to Global Issues

Society, Law, and Government    

Sociology of Education 

Marriage and Relationships       


Leadership Courses


Organizational Behavior                 

Human Relations                    

Ethics and Social Responsibility


Subject Matter Expert Courses


Critical Thinking

Achieving Success in College and Beyond

Politics of Culture

Public Speaking


As an educator, I am passionate about inspiring and empowering students to think critically and to pursue lifelong learning in order to achieve full potential. My role as an educator is not to pass information but to teach how to think, to create, to find, and to practice knowledge. 


My research on the first generation of college students' persistence and timely college graduation led me to challenge notions of success, holistic education, metacognition-how we learn, access and equity, and examine pedagogical approaches, beliefs systems, and pathways to achieving not only a college education but our highest potential. 


I believe ALL students have the capability to learn but not in the same way.  We need an education system that's inclusive, equitable, accessible, and highly respectable. We need new MINDSETS. 


An education system that prepares students with the skills they need to integrate successfully in the real world. 


An education system that supports and respects the teaching profession and all students' abilities and learning levels.

Teaching: About Me
Teaching: Testimonials

Students Testimonials

Professor Margarit- If it wasn't for you, I've probably would have given up this semester.

Your INSPIRATION is truly appreciated. I never had a Professor like you, NEVER!  

 I am grateful  I had you in my corner to keep me going...THANK YOU☺

Victoria Williams- Online Student, Strayer University.

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