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10 Powerful Beliefs of Highly Successful People

No matter how we define success, one thing is certain.

Successful people are not born.

Successful people are made.


You too can become successful.

Start by learning about and adopting these10 powerful beliefs today.

They are the foundation upon which I design, and adjust my life - every day.

Let’s go.

10 habits of highly successful people you can adopt today

I live by design

I fail fast and often

I love feedback

I live right here right now

I am self-aware

I live in a solution mode mindset

I am intentional about perceptions

I am resourceful

I am responsible & accountable

I lead by example

1. I live by design. I choose my life.

Breaking News! Your life isn’t the result of the events that happen to you. You’re the source of the events. If you choose to believe this - that you’re the source of your thoughts, actions, behaviors & attitudes - then you will become the driver of your life.

And being in the driver’s seat is awesome because it means you’ve got limitless options & opportunities to tap into at all times. It means you’re the leader of your life, not a victim of it. It also means that you’ve got to take responsibility for everything that happens to you – good and bad!

Remember, whether you work for yourself or someone else, you have the power to choose how to think and react to what happens to you.

2. I fail fast and often.

If you don’t fail fast and often you’re not taking big risks. You live in your comfort zone and nothing exciting happens there.

3. I love feedback.

Feedback is THE BEST! Why? Because it gives you a chance to reflect, change what isn’t working and keep what is working. This is how you become successful.

Unfortunately, most people despise feedback. They see it as criticism, blaming and labeling. Avoid this perspective at all costs, because once you choose to LOVE feedback, you will be free to be as successful as you want. Remember feedback is a gift, use it!

Take feedback seriously but not personally. I know, it's not easy but you'll get better at it with time. Believe me when I tell you.

4. I live RIGHT NOW.

All we have is NOW! The past is over and the future hasn’t happened yet. And, the only thing you can do anything about is “RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.”

So if you want to write a book, start planning NOW. If you want to be healthy NOW, do healthy things NOW. If you want to learn new skills, start NOW. So, when should you start adopting these mindsets and start taking successful actions in your life? You got it! RIGHT NOW.

5. I am self-aware.

Begin to practice self-awareness with mindfulness meditation. That’s what I do. You may try a different approach like prayer. Whatever works for you just doo it. Self-awareness is the key to any breakthrough and subsequent success. You can’t change anything if you’re unaware of it. As Maya Angelou said " When you know better you'll do better."

6. I live in solution mode - No complaining, blaming or labeling.

Once we’ve identified a problem or challenge, instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the solution. And, if one solution doesn’t work, try another, and another until you’ve found one.

7. Perception is reality - I am intentional about how I perceive realities.

Too often people look at events and people with a negative view. They make assumptions about what people “mean,” instead of asking questions for clarity - finding out what they really meant. Again, it's easier said than done but with practice you'll get better at it.

So, give people the benefit of the doubt. Believe the best about them. And, if you’re confused about someone’s meaning, ask for clarity. And then give them an opportunity to express themselves fully and completely. Listen with intention to understand not to react. And please, don’t interrupt.

8. I am resourceful.

Being resourceful means that if you’ve got a problem you can’t solve, you don't panic and feel hopeless, You’ll pick up the phone and call someone who can help. It means you’ll do what it takes to get the support you need. And, it means you’ll refuse to stop looking for a solution until you’ve found one.

9. I take responsibility for my commitments.

Most of the time you’ll keep your commitments. Sometimes you’ll break one or two. It’s an inevitable part of life and success. But, no matter what, choose to always take responsibility for your commitments.

This means that if you break a commitment or promise, acknowledge it, apologize if needed, learn from it, and move on. That’s taking responsibility for your commitments.

10. I lead by example.

Be a role model for yourself and others. Do what you say you're going to do. Do the right thing.

Be better than yesterday.

Inspire others to become the best version of themselves one step at the time.

Show them the way.

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

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