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Dr. Val is a phenomenal leader. I am influenced and inspired by her passion, energy, and depth of knowledge. She's skillful at communicating complex concepts in a simple way for everyone to understand.  I appreciate Dr. Val’s understanding of the inclusion of different opinions, and perspectives.  Thank you.

Executive Education Leadership - E.d.D. 

Dr. Val, you have motivated me to become more disciplined. The fact that you wake up early to prepare, not only physically and mentally, but also emotionally, professes your profound care for others.  You said "prepare yourself day in and day out, to be ready... Opportunities will be there for life-long learners."  Thank you, Dr. Val 

Executive Education Leadership- Ed.D. 

"Dr. Margarit has created a wonderfully supportive environment for both faculty and staff in her role as Department Chair at DMAC.  She encourages creativity, communication, and feedback, and is one of the most motivating and motivated supervisors for whom I have worked! Her leadership style is collaborative and reflects considerable respect for colleagues. Moreover, she is highly responsive when assistance is sought, and she has demonstrated considerable resourcefulness and initiative in addressing challenges and issues that arise. Through her effective leadership, the General Education Department has been exceeding expectations, and significantly enhancing the achievement and retention of students. "

Dr. Robin Schupper - Program Director and Professor at Keiser University 

"I met Val in my graduate school in 2014 - she was my MBA professor for leadership. I was so inspired by her energy, sharp and positive mindset. Now we are in 2019 and I decided it's time to ring up Val and ask for help. Coaching with Val has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It is not often, in fact sometimes ever, that you can sit down and get completely present with yourself, and have someone be there to LISTEN to everything you're thinking and feeling. And then in addition to just listening, help to equip you with the tools that you need to deal with the challenges life throws your way and work out what you really want and need from a situation. Val coached me through two areas of my life - health and fitness and self-discipline, and it was because of her guidance and support that I felt I had the confidence to make the changes and take control. I am now living a healthier ( just ran my first 5K) and more disciplined life that I love and will continue to use what I have learned from my coaching for years to come. 

-Pilar Fonseca, Business Analyst


"I’m very pleased to recommend Dr. Val Margarit. Val's training and workshops are unique. I’ve worked with her for the past two years and I've taken many of her seminars. Dr. Val's skills and leadership qualities would make her an invaluable addition to any university as a professor of education leadership position. Dr. Val is a highly valued professor to the university, and she has excellent communication skills, self-confidence, hard work, initiative, loyalty, dedication, is proactively helpful, and is a truly gifted educator. On a personal level, she’s charismatic and well-spoken, both qualities that have served her as an amazing empowered woman and a writer. In addition to her professional qualifications, Dr. Val has qualities that make her well-suited for leadership positions. She’s naturally fallen into the role of “point person” that many of us go to with questions. She’s not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore. She’s committed to quality, growth, and progress, and she inspires her colleagues to strive for the same. Dr. Val is a person with vision and amazing motivation skills."


-Jacklyn Miranda - Director Student Services, Keiser University 

"I’ve worked with Val for two years and always find her work to be first-class. We teach a number of the same courses and Val is always ready and able to provide insight into student learning and curriculum. She receives quality feedback from her students who are genuinely appreciative of her efforts in guiding their learning. Not only does she work well with our adult students, she is also genuinely interested in seeing that the institution is forward-looking and taking care of its students. Val is an excellent faculty member for the school."

- Dr. Alan Belcher- Professor University of Arizona Global Campus 

I had the privilege to be supervised by Dr. Margarit when I was an adjunct professor for Western Civilization at DMAC and she was the department chair.  Dr. Margarit is a confident, caring, and professional educational leader with a passion for student success. She has the respect not only from her peers but the students as well. Her seminars are always interesting and her energy is contagious. She would be a great and wonderful asset to any college or university!

- Vanessa H. G., History Professor 

"As an adjunct at DMAC, and later as Chair of General Education & Fine Arts, Val has earned the respect of her students as well as her colleagues for her strong knowledge of her field, passion for making a change, impeccable work ethics, excellent results in the classroom and thoughtfulness both as a teacher and as a colleague. She has been an inspiration to and very supportive of her students. This is evident from the testimonials received from her students, as well as through student and administrative course evaluations. Her unwavering commitment and belief in the personal and professional development of her students have distinguished her as an outstanding teacher and leader."
-Dr. Diana Lawrence - Provost & VP of Student Affairs 

"Val demonstrates an outstanding ability to present herself to others. Her knowledge and experiences as a teacher and leader have already enabled her to make significant contributions to higher education. I am confident that Val's addition to the faculty of a college or university will result in enhancing their professional standing."

- Dr. Paul Borthwick - Professor of Education, Nova Southeastern University 

"I had the honor and privilege of working under Val's leadership as president of our Board of Directors. Val is a strategic thinker, detailed-oriented, and visionary leader, always making informed decisions that serve our community's interests. I have watched her listen to the ideas of the directors on the board and use their experience to formulate successful strategies that have helped our community to achieve and maintain its high-quality standard of living for all of its citizens. Her ability to bring people together and to work on solutions that benefit our community is admirable and unique and I am proud to have her as my Board president and also as my friend. Val has also a strong civic duty to serve and to give back to the community. Her leadership ability, belief in the common good, and determination that cannot be matched have earned the respect of everyone on the board and the community. It is my pleasure to recommend Val Margarit to any university, client, or business organization. If you are looking for a results-oriented, "out of the box” thinking, ambitious and energetic professional leader then Val is the perfect person for you."

- Catalina C.- HOA Board Member 

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