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My Intentional wellness routine 

Health is wealth.

My wellness health and fitness journey began in 2001. The year my father died. He was only 61 years old. I was devastated and bed-ridden for months.  You see, my Dad was my role model, my hero, my first teacher. So to lose him at such an early age it was unthinkable. 

Losing my father changed my life. First, it changed my perspective on wellness and health. I began reading about what it meant to be well, to be healthy and fit. Then I explored questions about the meaning of life, love, work, relationships, and why we're here. I began reading philosophy books and learning about myself, my values, and my role on this earth. Indeed, I had a transformational moment that my perspective on life changed for the better. This is to say that my father taught me and continues to teach me how to live and be intentional about the life I want to experience and the impact I have on others. 

Here's an overview of my intentional and powerful morning routine. I am flexible to change and adapt as needed. Adaptability is a Superpower skill:)

  1. Wake up - 5:00am - 5:15am. 

  2. Coffee

  3. Meditation - 15 min or more

  4. Affirmation/Visualization  - 5 min

  5. Workout - 60 min - I run, strength training, yoga, and tennis

  6. Shower

  7. Breakfast - 15 min - (not always, it depends on the type of workout)

  8. Reading - 30 min - 60 min

  9. Journal - gratitude

  10. Ready to begin a productive day by 8:30am-9:00am 


You can read more about my routine on my blog HERE.

Learn about my journey in my best-selling book Why Not You? How to Become an Empowered Woman



Intentional Wellness Plan

Happiness is a long run...

My running journey began with walking one mile and then jogging two and before too long I was hooked. I signed up for running races, met fellow runners and I fell in love with running. I love to run and have been running since 2001. For me, running is meditation, strength, and courage, and it's also miraculous. It is tough too, which I love - it prepares me for life's challenges. When I run I am only running, thanks to my meditation practice, I am no longer letting my mind control me, at least most of the time. Since 2001 I've run multiple 5K, 10K, half marathons and three marathons- the 2007 New York City Marathon, the 2020 Virtual New York City Marathon, and the 2021 Chicago Marathon. Today, 23 years later I still run as part of my fitness routine and I am faster, stronger and fitter than ever before. 

Marathon in the City

If you are thinking about running or you're interested in learning how to run in a more mindful way, here are my top 10 tips:


1. Be open to change. Start small - walking a block, then two, then add walk/jog and work your way up to 15 and then 30 minutes. 


2. Stay connected to your mind-body-heart and listen to what it tells you. a proper form is IMPORTANT so I suggest reading a book on running form and see what works for you.


3. We are made to run. Do not be afraid to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. 


4. We are stronger than we think we are.  We are only limited by our often self-limiting beliefs. You'll hear the voice in your head telling you to stop, and give up but do not listen to it. You are in control of your thoughts, not the other way around. 


5. Strengthen your legs. Many people get injured because the muscle is not used to it and didn't receive proper attention. How can you get your legs stronger? Use proper shoes, incorporate squats and lunges, and stretch.


6. Join other runners. Running is social and you'll love to meet other runners and become inspired and motivated to keep going. 


7. Keep track of your running, measure, and adjust. I use a few free apps - Strava, Runkeeper, and Nike Run Club. It's motivating to see your efforts and be sure to celebrate every little achievement and build confidence. 


8. Eat mindfully. I believe it's far more important what and how you eat. We must eat in a mindful way to give the body the food it needs so we can be healthy and strong for a lifetime.


9. Schedule your runs and stick to them. Just like anything else running requires practice. Try to run in the morning and see how you feel. Try in the evening and see how you feel and then decide. I prefer mornings. 


10. Sign up for a 5K race (3.1 miles). I love to sign up for a few races throughout the year to stay motivated and healthy. For a 5K as a beginner, it will take about 8- 12 weeks, give or take, depending on your endurance, and overall health.  


If you're interested in living a healthy life explore the SelfMastery Academy, Sign up today to know when new courses will be available. 

Stay tuned for my upcoming course "Running a 5K like a winner!


Books on running to check out:

Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training Body and Mind

Running & Being: The Total Experience

Galloway's Book on Running

Thinking about starting a workout routine?

Here are 10 Running Tips

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