1. The Empowered Person, what it takes and why you should become one
  2. Your Unconscious Mind Controls Your Behavior
  3. Women’s Empowerment Training: Emotional, Health, Financial, Professional- Career, Political, Spiritual
  4. Effective Communication in a Diverse Environment
  5. Ultimate Strategies for Time & Energy Management
  6. Complete your college degree faster and save time and money
  7. Self-Esteem Strategies
  8. Teaching with Purpose: Creating a Positive Climate for Student Success
  9. Understanding and Navigating the School System (secondary and university levels)
  10. Mindset For Success – Change your mind, change your life
  11. The Gender Pay Gap – Why are women still paid less than men?
  12. The Power of Positive Attitude
  13. Holistic Health & Wellness
  14. Cultural Diversity and Inclusion workshops


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