How happy are you?

A 2016 Harris poll reported that only 38% of people say they are happy with their lives and 73% of people agree that work is frustrating.

Do these numbers surprise you? Can we do something about it? I believe we can.

Like most people, you want success, in life and at work, and you want to reach your potential and make an impact in the world.

Although it’s easier said than done, it is possible to live a simpler and a meaningful life.   I know because I have been overwhelmed and stressed out with work, spending time doing the wrong things, all at the expense of my health and happiness.

I realized that something had to change, and it all started with changing my mindset- my perception of what success and happiness mean to me.

Once I eliminated all distractions and nonsense and redesigned my life around my values, I found out that there is plenty of time to get the RIGHT things done and be happy.

I call it my MIT – ROT strategy.  I always think of my MIT – the most important things to be done each day with the ROT in mind – return on my time.

I am no longer too busy to exercise consistently or to have fun, as both are necessary to my well-being and happiness.

I simplified my life and learned that ultimately I am responsible for my own happiness.

I am the designer of my life. I am in control of my thoughts, decisions, and choices. Each day I reflect on my successes and failures and learn from it to make it better the next day.  I make sure each day matters.

My happiness is associated with having a purpose in life. My purpose is to empower people in every area of their lives, as I believe that regardless of background or age, they have the potential to achieve success and happiness.

I do not live my life by chance.

I live it by choice.

Success is a choice.

Happiness is a choice.

Both are connected to one’s purpose in life.

What is your life’s purpose?

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