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Workshops provide a live, hands-on experience. Faculty will: 1. develop a learner-centered syllabus approach; 2. outline a lesson that works for them, and 3. develop their own teaching style/pedagogy. I will also share the best strategies for the first day of class, discussions, active assignments, and overall success. As a bonus, I will help you increase your teaching confidence. 

The FUTURE approach to teaching online ( f2f). Teaching will be more like coaching and facilitating learning and growth. 

Secure your future and become an excellent faculty that your students will remember. 

Looking for specific feedback and professional advice for your particular situation? Let's talk on Skype, Zoom, etc. We'll come up with a solution that works best for your personality and your course. 





Dr. Val Margarit is an educational leader, faculty trainer, speaker, and author.  Her work focuses on the complex relationship between neuroscience/neuroplasticity, education, and social behavior. She has won numerous teaching awards, including Teacher of the Year, and the Free to Choose Excellence in Education award. She created a massive open online course The Complete GuideAchieving Success in College and Beyond and has been teaching and training online for the past 10 years. Her books include the best-selling “Why Not You? How to Become an Empowered Woman and The Successful Student Mindset



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