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Here is why you should work with me:

My credentials:

  • Doctor of Education Degree in Higher Education Leadership
  • Education Specialist – Leadership Education
  • Masters and Bachelors Degrees in Sociology
  • Award-winning Educator with 15 years teaching and leadership experience in secondary, post-secondary and adult education
  • Empowering students and people everywhere achieve their own goals by showing step-by-step how to do it
  • Results-oriented – complete your degree on time or faster
  • Passionate and committed to your success
  • Read my story  here
  • Will create a plan for success and I’ll be there every step of the way

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Coaching plans are available for you HERE or we can work together and design your own plan based on your needs.  Learn more HERE. 

Services I can help you with:

  1. How to succeed in college and complete your college degree on time ( 2 years for AA, 4 years for BA, 1.5-2 years for MA…)
  2. How to study – learn study skills and ace every college class
  3. How to overcome fear of public speaking
  4. How to become confident and relate easily to others
  5. How to find time to study and submit classwork on time
  6. How to overcome procrastination
  7. How to format MLA or APA papers
  8. How to develop a GROWTH MINDSET – a winning mindset
  9. How to adapt successfully to a new culture – overcome culture shock
  10. How to develop self- leadership – develop successful habits
  11. How to succeed in college as a non-native English speaker – I did it and YOU CAN too
  12. How to develop healthy habits
  13. How to develop and achieve your goals – set up agendas and strategies to achieve every goal
  14. How to become accountable and in charge of your destiny
  15. How to become an A+ student
  16. How to develop your dissertation topic and complete your doctoral degree on time
  17. How to plan your college years – year by year, semester by semester
  18. How to select your major and minor – and graduate fast
  19. How to develop a daily routine – prioritize your priorities
  20. How to study effectively and enjoy life
  21. How to build confidence and believe in yourself   – no need for approval from others
  22. Learn how your environment helps or hinders your success


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Val Margarit