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Dr. Val Margarit is an award-winning educator, author, and a transformational academic leader. She has a doctorate in education, an education specialist in education leadership, and a master's and a bachelor in sociology.  She is passionate about holistic education, student success, personal growth, wellness, and civic responsibility. 


She teaches sociology and education courses at the college/university level. 


Growing up without indoor plumbing in a third world country, Val didn't let her background prevent her from visualizing and dreaming of a better world for herself. For the past 15 years, Val has been teaching others how to be resilient, overcome challenges and self-limiting beliefs, discover their voice and use it, and to turn pain into purpose. As a child, Val was affected by her mother's limited opportunities because she didn't have a chance to get an education. Val decided to change her family's legacy and she became a college student at 29. At 38 she went back and started a doctoral program and three years later she graduated with a doctorate in education leadership.  


Val's passion is education.  She taught high school for six years, and college for the past ten years and she also served in diverse educational leadership positions. 


Val's purpose is to help people achieve their highest potential. She accomplishes this by integrating principles, insights, and methods from education development, sociology, neuroscience and neuroplasticity, emotional intelligence, storytelling, mindfulness, and other methods to help people move out of their comfort zone and into the high-performance zone.


Val loves to share knowledge and she's the author of The Succesful Student Mindset: Strategies Students Use to Achieve Success and Why Now You? How to Become an Empowered Woman


She blogs about motivation, education, success, happiness, fitness and health, personal transformation, human behavior, productivity, performance, and career success.


Val is passionate about holistic health and wellness and she teaches people to embrace a holistic lifestyle and wellbeing - emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.